demo 2012

by Always Hated

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released February 4, 2012



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Always Hated Lancaster, California

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Track Name: always hostile
remeber the name
for we are the ones
always fucking hated
eastside love
life is fucking tough
so get fucking tougher
we bow for no one
but we fight for eachother
misunderstood cause where we are from
you call it ghetto,we call it home.
Track Name: belittled
i hate myself
and what you made of me
a broken spirit
a hateful mentality
i see no light at the end of this hole
just the darkness that eats at my soul

just like were waste
we crawl from the gutters
of this great state
children with
no moms or dads
fighting for love
that we never had

manslaughter the public
and rip out there souls
they live for nothing
but lust and their cloths
serveing me lies day by day
feeding the pain
i hide away.
Track Name: greed
look at this face tell me what you see
a boy broken, negelcted by society
i am not on your side,i will not be a victim
they live for greed and there fucking regrets
spilling blood for gas and nonsense
they never learn
growing bitter by time
the angers there
it will never fcuking die.
Track Name: a restless mind
all i see is fucking filth
all i feel is fucking pain
all i know is fucking grief

a restless heart
a restless mind
i given in too much time
a restless heart
a restless mind
i given up too much time.
Track Name: creatures
we crash and sink
fight for peace thats never found
they build these walls to make me feel
like i dont belong
i am not weak
metally i am there
i just dont speak
know who you are
only a creature

conform to no one
bow down to nature
know who you are
only a creature.